SHPRC 2009-2013

My work with Stanford’s Sexual Health Peer Resource Center (SHPRC) is at the heart of my college experience, a constant throughout my four years and what I feel I really majored in, if such a thing were possible.


SHPRC logo I designed in 2010

The SHPRC is a totally student-run and student-funded organization that serves the student body’s safer sex and sexual health needs. They offer drop-in peer counseling for all matters pertaining to sexual health and wellness, heavily subsidized safer sex supplies, a lending library featuring numerous books on sexual health topics, and outreach events across the Stanford campus in settings as varied as lecture halls and fraternity houses.

I began working with the organization during my first quarter at Stanford and was on our core leadership team beginning in my sophomore year, first serving as co-teacher for the university accredited class necessary to work at the center before moving on to my role as co-director in my junior and senior years.

In September 2012, I kicked off my fourth year with the SHPRC by completely overhauling its financial practices and structure, enabling the SHPRC to offer students two and a half times as many free condoms each quarter as in previous years, a 150% increase despite a mere 17% increase on the corresponding line item of our budget. Students eagerly responded to these new policies, leading to our highest-traffic quarter ever at the center. You can read more about these changes in a feature article from The Stanford Daily. I also stabilized our ordering patterns with our wholesale and retail suppliers, ensuring that we are well-stocked with a variety of products to suit everyone’s tastes and needs.

I worked closely with our core leadership staff to ensure that they had not only the finances but also the support to successfully complete their projects, from giving our tired office a complete makeover to distributing condoms in large lecture halls for publicity (and prophylaxis!). SHPRC hosts over 100 outreach events on campus every year in addition to maintaining our storefront and counseling center, so there was always coordination work to be done, slack to be picked up, and guidance to give.

My capstone with my time at SHPRC was my project to streamline our checkout process, Point of Sale. Read more on its project page!